When you're ready to relax, relax!

We are authorized dealers of Sundance Spas and Hot Springs Spas. These are the top two selling brands in the world. Both are leaders in the industry known for delivering Quality, Performance, and Unsurpassed Owner Satisfaction.

These two brands of spas offer dozens of sizes and styles to match anyone's Lifestyle. They deliver many unique features they provide therapy, ease of use and energy efficiency that can't be found on other spas.

Both Sundance Spas and Hot Springs Spas have been repeatedly named as a "Best Buy" in their category by Consumer's Digest magazine. Both have earned numerous quality, innovation, and design awards from their own industry and non-industry organizations and both continue to lead the way that other spa manufacturers look to as the path to follow.

We have taken these two great spas and added our top-notch services and accessories. Our delivery service includes exact placement, on-site start up, operation and water care instructions, assembly and installation of all accessories. Our after the sale service is just as exceptional. We offer full warranty (we do the paperwork) and non-warranty repair. Care and maintenance services range from on-call to weekly visits, whatever suits your needs.

We are proud to offer these exceptional hot tubs. Please enter our virtual showrooms and see just what a luxurious spa is all about.